Talking at the World Information Architecture Day


On February 19 I represented the UX division of dotpulse at the WIAD 2016. Tim was on hand for support given this was my first talk in front of so many Information architects.


The topics discussed ranged from Abby Coverts excellent speech on what is information architecture and how it fits in to the field of digital design and the benefits good IA has on our work. Heres a transcript of Abby’s excellent talk!

And Natacha Hennocq neurophysiology research on how the brain reacts and comprehends so much information!

For those of you leading your own agencies Zahida Huber from Liip introduced the idea of a zero hierarchy agency! Something liip has been working towards and haven’t implemented yet but I’m very curious to see how the project develops!


For my lightning talk I discussed how the connected nature of the web limits our creativity instead of encouraging it. It was more of an observation at the current state of the web and how 99.9% of the web looks the same because we rely on standards and guidelines instead of creativity. With a twitter hashtag #wiadstaycreative the crowd was encouraged to share their tips on how to embrace creativity with each new project they tackle.

It was wonderful to connect with so many interesting people from such a diverse range of fields. There is something to be learned for anyone and I urge readers to join conferences like these. Its great to meet in person and exchange or soak in information in a physical context and face to face! Especially for those of us stuck behind a computer screen all day!