The emergence of VR/AR is here!

The emergence of VR/AR is here!

Ever more articles are being written about the technology and you can feel the momentum building up as everyone is getting excited about talking VR/AR (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality) and its limitless potential!
Facebooks roadmap currently lists AR as the end game. Goldman-Sachs predicts the AR industry to grow to 80 billion by 2020.



What’s the difference between VR/AR

“VR and AR headsets both provide stereo 3D high definition video and audio, but there’s a big difference. VR is closed and fully immersive, while AR is open and partly immersive – you can see through and around it. Where VR puts users inside virtual worlds, immersing them, AR puts virtual things into users’ real worlds, augmenting them.”  src;




The future sounds like something out of a science fiction movie.

Using VR to immerse yourself completely into a new world. Shrink yourself into your own body to look at how your anatomy works, or immerse yourself into a history lesson by taking part in the events you’re learning about. In AR adding virtual layers to your world for example playing games in and around your actual house or having a meeting with virtual attendees. Taking a museum tour with a virtual tour guide. The possibilities are endless!

“In sum, we’re heading toward a world where you have your own personal lifeOS. Interfaces laid on top of your everyday visual existence. No cumbersome devices. No clumsy apps.” -Sam Appleby : Kickpush

AR will be common within the next years

Technologists predict that high definition glasses for AR will be rolling out in the next few years meaning that the technology should be adopted by the masses in the next 15 years. As common as a laptop is today. Eventually overtaking the need for us to have a physical screen and thus marking the end of desktop computing.

The AR industry is being lead by a company evaluated at 1.4 billion called Magic Leap. What’s astonishing is that they have yet to release a beta version of their product! Its a company shrouded in mystery and the buzz around them is crazy. Have a look at their demo on their website or read about them on wired

Currently VR is in its infancy stages with a multitude of companies releasing headsets from the cheap 20$ cardboard headsets that use your phones to the Oculus that has built in sound / video and connects to your computer selling between 500$-800$.


No one doubts that AR/VR is going to be huge. The question is just how huge?

“VR is at that thrilling, fleeting moment when its imminent arrival seems assured, and yet every important question about the shape and nature of its adoption and socioeconomic impact remains unanswered.” – Beau Cronin : O Reilly Radar

With any new technology we need to ask what the downsides will be. With VR/AR most agree it might just be a little too immersive! Psychologists warn us of a new wave of addicts due to the new technology.

“Unlike LSD, meth, and cocaine, this close cousin to chemicals will pack even more into our activation of neurochemistry in the form of high achievement potentiality, social connection (leagues and guilds), grinding, and absolute endless novelty which brings us back time again. Take a back seat boredom, VR will take you to anywhere and everywhere you’ve ever wanted to go and soon you won’t need to leave the privacy of your own room to get there.” -Cosette Rae, MSW, LICSW, CDWF (VR and the mega-billion dollar dealers)

We all know how the younger generation is enamoured by their mobile phones so imagine what VR/AR could do. The addiction to dopamine release will be enhanced through the type of immersion VR provides.

It’s good to consider the bad with the good but for now its clear that the technology is growing up faster than we expected and soon we will all be confronted with it.

“These emerging technologies will bring monumental changes to digital product design; that much is certain. What’s less clear is the part that UI designers will play in its evolution, and it looks like we’re underprepared.”  -Sam Appleby : Kickpush

At dotpulse, we’re excited and eagerly awaiting the challenge to design for the new medium and will be following closely as it’s released to the public bit by bit!


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